Update – Wisconsin Food Cottage Law

The new year brings the new possibility of Wisconsin having a Food Cottage Law. So, how can you help get this law passed?

Easy. First, we need signatures on our petition. If you haven’t already signed it please click here to sign it! Feel free to pass it along to others as well. Our goal is 1,000!!! Or more : )

Second, we need testimonials of people who, in various ways, would support baked goods legislation. These short paragraphs (with photos if you are willing) would then be used as background/testimonials within the Legislature as we move forward. If you are interested in doing this please email Shannon from Artfully Delicious Cookies (artfullydeliciouscookies@gmail.com) and let her know that you are responding from my post. Thanks for your willingness to share your story.

As the law moves forward we will need calls to lawmakers, visits to Madison and anyway to get the word out. Shannon and I will keep you posted, in the mean time don’t forget to “Like” our Facebook pages (Yes to cupcakes, Artfully Delicious Cookies and Wisconsin Cottage Food Law). Thank you for any and all support that you are giving us! We truly appreciate every little bit!!!

Happy baking,

Mandy & Shannon



4 thoughts on “Update – Wisconsin Food Cottage Law

    • This law will help create jobs for people who are out of work and for those who stay at home with their children. Cottage food laws, which exist in over half of the U.S. states and in every region of the country, open up new possibility for small-scale enterprise and localized food production. Removing the significant financial and logistical barrier of having a commercial kitchen makes starting one’s own community-based food business more feasible for a greater number of people. It also gives consumers access to a greater variety of home-cooked locally-produced foods.This law will also add protection for those who have store front bakeries who would be able to conduct business from home if something were to happen to their business or should their business revenues start to decline due to changes in the economy.

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